By Laws

The governing documents of the Timber Ridge HOA consist of the articles of incorporation, the by-laws, declarations and covenants.  Each are an important piece of how the Association is required to operate.

The articles of incorporation bring the corporation into existence, define the fundamental purpose and powers of the association, and identify the initial board of directors.

The by-laws are the formal rule book for the administration of the association and day-to-day management of the association.  By-laws will typically lay out the specific powers and duties of the association, its officers or directors and the management company.

The declarations (covenants, conditions & restrictions) are filed with the real property records of the county in which the association is located and operates and are the rules and regulations that govern association.  These are simply the rules by which the property owners are to conduct themselves as well as provide guidelines to assist the board of directors in managing the association.  These are the most critical because they are a legal contract binding the owner and the owner’s prescribed land use as a member of the association.