2018 Annual dues of $140 are due January 1, 2018 and considered late after February 14, 2018.

Any payments not received by the 14th of February are considered late and will incur a $15 late fee per year until paid.

NSF Fees (insufficient funds):  Currently, there is a $25 NSF fee for returned checks.  Our current bank practice is as follows:  Our bank does not return the checks to us, they are shredded at the bank; Timber Ridge/Ammons Pittman is notified from the bank with only a copy of the check and the NSF; homeowners are then notified and required to submit payment either using a cashier’s check or money order.

Click here to pay your dues online:
Please send your payments to:

Timber Ridge HOA
c/o Ammons Pittman Property Management
10224 Durant Road, Suite 107
Raleigh, NC  27614

If you need to contact our property manager for any reason, please feel free to call George Pittman at (919) 790-5455.