Officer Patricia Moore

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I wanted to take a moment to publicly recognize the efforts of one of our officers. Last night, our agency received a request to check on the welfare of an employee at the local Rex Urgent Care. We learned that the woman never arrived home from work, and the family was concerned for her safety. Officer Patricia Moore was tasked with handling the call and quickly learned that the employee never arrived for her shift earlier in the day. Officer Moore immediately set to work to determine the employee’s whereabouts. With the assistance from neighboring law enforcement agencies, Officer Moore discovered that the employee had actually been kidnapped by her adult son.

Officer Moore set to work trying to uncover as much information as possible. She discovered that the son frequented known drug areas in neighboring counties, and several ATM withdrawals had been made throughout the day, creating a paper trail of the victim and kidnapper’s whereabouts. Officer Moore also went out of her way to track down representatives with the NC State Employees Credit Union in the early morning hours in order to obtain surveillance footage from the ATM machines. These efforts eventually led our colleagues in Nash County to Sharpsburg where the mother was found safe and the son was taken into custody for his crimes. Suffice it to say, this situation could have had a very different outcome if not for the diligence of Officer Moore and our partners in the law enforcement community.

The most impressive part is that Officer Moore gave her best effort in helping to track down the victim and her kidnapper despite the fact that no crimes actually occurred in Knightdale. Most would regard the actions of Officer Moore as common place and typical, but the truth is quite different. All too often, police officers summarily dismiss things like this when they are discovered to have happened in another jurisdiction. We are lucky to have an officer like Patricia working for us in Knightdale. I hope you will join me in thanking Patricia for her dedication to doing the right thing – even when it wasn’t necessarily her responsibility. Her actions are the hallmark of true police service. Congratulations, Patricia, on a job well done!

Lawrence R. Capps
Chief of Police
257th Session FBINA

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